Mowing Large Lawns – Commercial Lawn Accounts…

mowing large lawns

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We are not doing residential lawn accounts right now, but we are mowing large lawns and commercial lawn accounts. If you have a large lawn (several acres or more), then call Mike right away for a free estimate.

Mowing Large Lawns – Commercial Lawn Accounts

We also are taking on more pasture mowing this year. Maybe you have pastures that have lots of undergrowth or brush that needs cleaned up, or just want to keep you pastures mowing and keep them brush free? Either way, let us know how we can help you by contacting Mike.

Feel free to check out our farm website and blog for Mums and Pumpkins we grow, Outdoor weddings, events and cabin rentals. Check us out by clicking here <<.

Pasture Mowing

Keeping pastures mowed several times yearly can drastically reduce the chances of getting unwanted growth, like thorn trees, shrub brush, thistles and much more. If pastures are let go for years and not mowed, then you will end up with a very heavy undergrowth. Once the undergrowth is cut, then new grasses can finally breathe and allow growth of healthy grass and new grasses.

Mowing large lawns is the only lawn service we will have time for this year. Our schedule is packed and not time for the residential lawns. A few of the places we will be at once per week is located East of Smithville on 92 and located near Five Corners.

Call Mike right away for an estimate and possible booking. With a few spots left to fill on the calendar, these spots will fill up fast with all the green grass that is coming on quickly with all the rain and warmer weather we’ve been having this month.

Call, text, email, Mike…or comment below.

-Mike Pilcher

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