First Mowing In The Spring

first mowing in the spring

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First mowing in the spring should be a close one. What I mean is; mow your lawn close the first time you mow in the spring of each year.

Why should you mow close the first time of each year?

  • Mowing close the first time of each year gets rid of the dead grass and allows the new grass to grow.
  • This makes your lawn much healthier.

After you mow your lawn close the first time of the new year, then you should already have your spring fertilizer ready to put down as soon as you are done mowing. Make sure that there is rain in the forecast so that your fertilizer will be able to soak in with the rain and allow for much better results.

Planning just a little ahead will allow you to get everything done in just a hour or two, depending on the size of your lawn.

Get a good spring fertilizer and not the cheapest thing you can find. Scott’s is a good one to use. Yes, it will cost you a little more than the other cheap ones, but you will always get what you pay for! The cheap fertilizers will only last for 3-5 months. A good quality fertilizer, like Scott’s will last the entire season.

first mowing in the spring

Make sure that your first mowing in the spring is close (NOT scalping), but just closer than you normally mow. I would recommend trying the number 3 setting on your mower deck to start with. Mow about 6 feet and stop and look at it and see what you thing. You should be cutting a great deal of the old brown dead grass, and if not, then lower your mower deck a little more until you are cutting that brown, dead grass.

If you really take pride in your lawn and how it looks, then these simple tips mentioned in this blog post will be some that you will love and continue to do for years to come. What a huge difference they make! Be prepared for your grass to really start to green up and grow faster, which is good if you like a great looking lawn and you like mowing. However, if you don’t like mowing, or paying to have a lawn care service to come and mow for you, then you won’t like these tips…lol.

first mowing in the spring

Just remember; your lawn needs groomed and fed just like you do. Think about it; if you don’t eat what happens? If you don’t get a hair cut every so often, what happens? I think you can answer those questions the correct way, and have enough common sense to understand the point I am making here. 🙂

First mowing in the spring will be something that you will absolutely love the looks of once your done and stand back and look at it.


-Mike Pilcher

Smithville Lawn Care

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