Some people will irritate you at times…even when you are mowing… :-)

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Yesterday was just another day of mowing lawns and serving clients. Or at least until this stranger walks up to me while I was running the trimmer. He immediately told me that I could not blow grass into the street, and needed to do something about it right then and there…

Some people will at times make you want to pull your hair out.

Keep in mind that I had just ran the mower and was now trimming, and still had to go back and run the blower to clean up, but yet he is demanding that I must remove the grass from the street. To start with, the grass in the street came from a pass down along the fence of the property I was mowing and some had blown onto the street. Pretty common….right? Anyway, I asked where he was from and he told me that his home was next the the one I was mowing. He also informed me that it was in the city rules, but yet his common sense was so low to see that I had just finished mowing, was still trimming, and hadn’t even got to the blower for clean up. Hummmmm?? Common sense you might ask? Yes, some folks are really short in this area…lol.

Come to find out this person was the president of this particular HOA, which explains a lot. He is obviously on a power trip.

Here is the message. Some people will irritate you even when mowing…lol. However, do as I did and just let them vent and make a fool of themselves, and not argue. Just say “Got It” and move on to what you was doing and let them think that they are right. Pray for these types of people, because obviously they have some personal issues that they need help with, and that is why I just roll it over on the Lord and move on. I could have allowed this to really bother me and hold me back from the blessings, but instead I chose to let it go.

Yes, some people have a huge ego problem, and many are on some kind of power trips, and their way of dealing with things is getting in someones face and trying to prove that they “know something”, or that they are “someone important”, when in reality they are really just making a fool of themselves and actually hurting themselves. This or something similar may have, or may happen to you… and yes, even while mowing…lol. It is common for people to come up to me while mowing, wanting me to mow their lawn, but this was a first and an unusual one at that. From what I have heard, this is kind of a regular occurrence for this person in this area. Again, I recommend praying for people like this. Ask God to give them patients and common sense. Ask God to bless them.

Be patient with others, be a good servant, and be a giver. Givers always are the ones that always receive the biggest blessings. 🙂