We are heading to Colorado to the mountains for hiking, horseback riding and much more…

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Yes, we are heading to the Colorado mountains for the next week. No worries though, we will be back next week to take care of all of our lawncare clients properties. 🙂

The lawn growth has slowed down just enough that we can finally take off for a week and go have some fun and relax.

I will post some vacation pictures here on this website/blog over the next week for you to see what we are up to. We have planned out a day of horseback riding up into the mountains, a day of river rafting and so much more. We are also staying in a “cabin” up in the mountains to have that real outback vacation experience. No computers, no internet, and maybe no cell phone service. Oh no, what will we do? … lol. It will all be good. 🙂 After all, not that many years ago there were no cell phones and we made it just fine.

Talk soon,

-Mike and Rhonda