Lawn Striping – How to make your lawn look incredible!

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Here is just a simple technique called “lawn striping” that will make your lawn look incredible.

When you mow different directions each time you mow, your lawn will look very nice. But also, when you mow in one direction, then turn and come right back the opposite way that you just went, and then turn around and go right back against the way you just came, and repeat this until finished.

This will leave what is called the “stripe effect” on your lawn. By going different directions, instead of just going like around in circles, and always going the same direction each time will not have this “stripe effect“, and your lawn will look as good as if you just go (lets say) north, then come back south, then back north, then back south.

Make sense?

This will set you apart from the rest of your neighbors, and soon they will be asking you how you are making your lawn look so nice. Lawn Striping is not for everyone, but there are a lot of people who absolutely love the way that it makes your lawn look.

REMEMBER: Switch directions each time you mow, and it also works good to mow in diagonal directions too. Of course it always looks even nicer when you have straight lines too…lol.