Watering your lawn when it isn’t raining enough…

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Watering your lawn when it isn’t raining enough is essential to the growth, the health, and the life of your lawn. Just like you and I need to drink water to remain healthy, is the same as your lawn needs water to remain healthy, and to not die.

Many people refuse to water their lawns for several reasons:

  1. Cost to much.
  2. They don’t have time.
  3. They keep procrastinating thinking it might rain and they can save that money and time to do it.
  4. They are just to lazy to do it.

It really don’t cost that much more to water your lawn (of course depending on the size of your lawn). It will cost a whole lot more to not water and have it die out, then have to re-seed, or re-sod. It is your choice.

I have found that it generally cost us an extra $30 per month to water several times per week when it isn’t raining enough and is dry. I normally water 30 to 45 minutes per spot, and then move the sprinklers around to another spot. I run 4 sprinklers at a time which makes much better use of the water, and reduces to water bill dramatically. Our yard is a very large yard for being in a sub-division… (larger than normal).

Watering your lawn doesn’t cost that much if you are smart about it.

Take the time to water your lawn in the dry times. It needs to drink water just as you and I need to drink water.