How to mow your lawn properly and have a healthy lawn for years to come

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Mowing your lawn properly is just another way to keep a nice looking and healthy lawn for years to come.

Tips For A Healthy Lawn:

  • Mow at a angle (different direction) each time.
  • Avoid turning short turns on the grass if you can. Instead, if there is a driveway or sidewalk, then make your turns there instead of on the grass to keep from killing the tops.
  • Avoid scalping your lawn.
  • Keep your mower blades sharp and free from bends. Keep another new set on hand. (sharpen every 4 to 5 weeks.
  • After fertilizing, avoid mowing for at least 24 hours.
  • The first mowing of each year, mow closer than normal to get rid of the dead grass.
  • After the first mowing, raise your mower cut height and avoid mowing to close. Mowing a little higher than normal will make for a healthy lawn, and it will insist that you mow more often, however it is worth it.
  • Avoid allowing your lawn to get to tall. This makes for a mess to clean up from all the extra piles of grass and clippings, and makes for having to use a bagger on your lawn mower.

Sometimes using a lawn care service is a wise investment for maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn. Knowing how to mow properly is something that most lawn care services know how to do.