Lawn Care Tips – Fertilizer

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Here are some lawn care tips and resources that Smithville lawn care uses.

Taking care of your lawn is something that is vitally necessary to make sure that you maintain a healthy lawn. It is recommended that you use some type of weed killer that only kills that weeds and not your grass. It is also recommended that you fertilize in the spring and fall each year. However, before fertilizing in the fall we recommend that you aerate your lawn, the put down that fertilizer after you aerate.

Aerating your lawn will open it up so that the nutrients from the fertilizer gets down deep into the soil for better absorption. Always recommended to do this right before a rain. So, just keep a eye on your local weather, then aerate, and fertilize right behind the aerating for very best results.

In the spring we also recommend watching your local weather for rain before you put down your fertilizer to make sure you get the very best results. Smithville lawn care recommends that you mow close the first mowing of the new year (in the spring) to get rid of all the dead grass. By doing this you will get great results for your new season lawn. After doing this, then get your spring fertilizer down, and then allow the rain to work it in for incredible results. This will allow you  to have a much better, and healthier lawn for the new season.

Lawn Care is something that cost you a little bit, however it will make your investment (your property) work more money due to the high end looking curb appeal that it brings.

There is a difference between spring and fall fertilizers, so you can visit your local Home Depot or Lowe’s for those fertilizers. You can also pick up a very inexpensive fertilizer cart at either one of these stores to handle the fertilizer task. Of course you will still have to push the cart. 🙂

Have fun doing your lawn care, or if you are not the type that enjoys that, or maybe lacks the time to properly take care of your lawn, then feel free to contact Smithville Lawn Care to take care of it for you.