Spring Cleanup – Lawn Care and Construction In Trimble MO

spring cleanup

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Spring Cleanup is near us as spring time is rapidly approaching us.

Have you ever stood in line for something that you wanted real bad and then finally get to the front of the line and they are all sold out of that item you’ve been standing there waiting on for so long?

Your spring cleanup needs are just like that. Those that do spring cleanup for others are experiencing calls like crazy right now for all those spring cleanup needs. It may be cleaning up brush, cleaning our small trees or timbers. It may even be cutting the heavy dead grass down short so that it can come back with new healthy grass. Maybe you have trees down from the winter months and limbs all over your yard?

Do You Have Spring Clean Up Projects?

Whatever the case may be and whatever your spring cleanup needs may be, you need to be figuring out a plan of action and getting on the calendar of someone that does spring cleanup. To you it may seem to early for spring cleanup, but it really isn’t. And it is especially important to find someone in your area that does spring cleanup and get on their calendar so that you are at least in line.

There is nothing more heart breaking than standing in line to get something that you want and then to get to the end of line and it be gone. Don’t be the one that thinks that there is still plenty of time to get in line for all your cleanup needs. Do yourself a favor and find someone in your area that is qualified to do the things you want done around your home and in your yard.

Finding Qualified People To Do Your Projects

We are more than qualified here at Smithville Lawn Care (MPE LLC) to care of whatever lawn care needs you may have. Or whatever cleanup you need done around your home, or lawn. We’ve been in business for close to 30 years and understand what is needed from year to year with your lawn and around your home. Not only can we take care of your lawn, but we are more than qualified to do cleanup, such as trimming low hanging branches on your trees, cutting down old dead trees, picking up limbs and hauling off all the junk laying around so that your place looks good like you want it to.

Before and After Pictures Of Land Cleanup

In the picture below you will see our new land just north of Trimble MO we purchased last year and have been doing lots of cleanup and other projects on this land. When we moved here the land had been let go for so long that you couldn’t even see this pond from this angle, or from the other side either. Straight ahead in this picture on the other side of the pond is where we are going to build our new home.

spring cleanup

At MPE LLC, we also build sheds and cabins. These are especially good for your backyard and can house all of your lawn tools and other things that don’t belong inside your garage cluttering up the space designed for your vehicles. We also build cabins on property’s as well as other construction type projects. There isn’t anything that we can’t do here at MPE LLC. With close to 30 years of experience we’ve seen practically everything and understand that most individuals out there are just after a buck and care nothing about the quality of their work, or you.

This isn’t the case with MPE LLC and Smithville Lawn Care. We actually care about our clients and customers and we care about the kind of work we put out there.

Pin Oaks Farm Cleanup Projects

In these pictures below you can see where we first started on this huge cleanup project. In (the picture below where it’s green) and then in the next picture where we are cleaning up and burning off dead brush and tree limbs. This place was literally a jungle that you could easily get lost in. Now it is a great place to hang out and have a little bonfire and enjoy friends and family.

spring cleanup

Take the time to pick up the phone and give us a call today. Maybe you have lawn care needs, or other projects that need done? Maybe you have construction needs of some kind. If we can’t handle it, then we will help you find the qualified people that can. At MPE LLC, we take pride in the work we do and refuse to put junk work out there.

Here at MPE LLC/Smithville Lawn Care we care about you and your needs and would love to have you as a friend.

We Have Moved:

Just recently we moved to the Trimble MO area, but we still are servicing a great deal of Smithville MO area, as well as Kearney MO, Liberty MO, Platte City MO, and many others. You can also visit our www.PinOaksFarm.com website and blog, as well as our personal website and blog at www.MikePilcher.com. We are real people that care about others and hate being screwed over. We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated!

Below you will see a picture of my wife Rhonda and myself. Click on that picture and follow us on Facebook as well. Our new property/farm just north of Trimble MO has been very rewarding for us and a lifelong dream. This year we will be growing Pumpkins and different kinds and sizes of Mums. Make sure you visit our farm website and blog to keep up with us and our Pumpkins and Mums season. You can also check out our off the grid living projects. You can see how we’ve came about this place and where we’ve came from.

Call us today and book your appointment and free estimate for your spring cleanup and other projects.

Always do your best,

-Mike and Rhonda Pilcher

Mike and Rhonda Pilcher