Leave the dirty work to us (lawn materials)…

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Let us do the dirty work for you. Early spring, Spring, Summer, and Fall your lawn needs fed and taken care of. Think of it like you, and when you get hungry, or thirsty you eat and drink…don’t you.

Your lawn needs fed and watered just like you do, so here is a simple chart above that you can reference for feeding your lawn.

Give your lawn a drink once or twice a week if it isn’t raining on a weekly basis…especially if it is very hot. This is vital to the health and life of your lawn. Don’t sweat it though if you are super busy, because that is where we come in. Here at Smithville Lawn Care we will take care of your lawn for you, and this will free up your time so that you can travel, do things on the weekends, other than lawn work.

Taking care of your lawn requires some time, but that time and money that you invest into your lawn will give you a great return if you ever decide to sell. It also keeps it looking great all the time for when you have guest over, family, or friends. It makes you proud of your place.

Give us a call today, and leave the dirty work to us. We will be more than happy to take care of all your lawn needs for you, so that you can be doing other things that you love to do.

You can get all of the lawn materials off of the chart above at your local hardware store, Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or anywhere that has lawn care supply’s, encase you decide to do it yourself.